Nerdyviews: The Walking Dead S7:E1 SPOILERS

I’ve had a few days now to let the Season Premiere of the Walking Dead sink in. I’m still not over it. I’m still not okay. You might think that it’s okay, it’s just a show and I shouldn’t feel so upset about it. When you’ve been watching a show every week for almost a decade, it means something.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

I’m going to go into this saying that after six months of speculation, the sneak preview, and hundreds of people on social media commenting over and over again what was predicted by The Spoiling Dead who have been right every time, I was pretty well aware of who had a date with Lucille.

I thought I wanted it to just be over so that I would just know, and the wait would finally be over. But as the night finally came I actually felt anxiety over it because I didn’t want to say goodbye to my beloved characters. When you invest that much time into a television show, you almost begin to feel like they are your family too (or at least I do).

Before we get down to the nitty gritty I wanted to point out the subtle comic book reference to another favorite punishment of Negan’s in the opening credits. You can see the handle of Lucille but look in the fire. See that iron?



walking dead premiere

So when the show began I thought we were going to watch what was in the sneak peek and then get over with it. Oh no…no it couldn’t be that easy for us. That isn’t what The Walking Dead is about. Instead after the opening credits we see walkers splattering against the RV as Negan is driving with Rick inside. Periodically we see flashes from Rick’s thoughts; memories of each member of his group.

Finally Negan stops driving and throws Rick’s hatchet out of the RV and tells him he has to go get it. As Rick exits the RV that is surrounded by walkers to retrieve the hatchet, his memory flashes back to the moment when Negan is choosing his first victim.

If you didn’t read the article I wrote about The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, you can check it out here to compare what my predictions were back then. At the time I thought Aaron was going to be picked but that theory immediately went away when I saw the sneak peek. I was not the least bit surprised when Abraham was chosen.

I loved Abe as a character and I really wanted to see where his relationship with Sasha would go. But If you look at the lineup, each member of the group was slumped over except for Abe. He was standing tall with his chest puffed up as if to say take me, I’m ready. Abraham went out like the hero he always was, with a final Abe-ism: “Suck…my…nuts”.

Right before Abraham took his first hit, you may or may not have noticed the peace sign hand gesture he made in Sasha’s direction. This exchange of gesture was a symbol between them that started back in Alexandria. It was Abe’s subtle way of saying goodbye to Sasha without actually being able to say it.

walking dead premiere

It was really hard to watch the beating that he took. This was probably the most brutal piece of television I have watched in I don’t know how long. Once it was over, I knew it really wasn’t over because Lucille was nowhere near bloody enough.

Negan taunted Rosita because he could tell the emotions that she had about Abe’s death. Daryl could no longer take the taunting toward Rosita and in a fit of passion stepped out of line to attack Negan in his weakened state. Somehow I knew Daryl was safe though, as I had seen set photos from this season of Norman Reedus.

Poor Daryl is going to have to live with the fact that HE caused what happened next. How can he ever look at Maggie knowing that his actions caused Glenn to die? Some people might think why didn’t Daryl die instead of Glenn? It’s quite simple actually:

1) Killing someone else for Daryl’s actions has a much greater impact on Daryl and the rest of the group than actually killing Daryl as punishment 2) Negan states that he likes Daryl and he obviously has plans for him 3) Steven Yeun stated on The Talking Dead that this was GLENN’S death, and he didn’t want it to go to anyone else. I knew it was coming, and I knew it was necessary, but I still was not emotionally prepared.

walking dead premiere

They recreated the scene from the comic to perfection. Glenn got the death that was so brutal, so epic, and so Glenn. Like Abraham, he went out not thinking of himself but of Maggie. His last words to Maggie were “I’ll find you, Maggie.” You might be asking yourself what exactly he meant by that. According to, “When Maggie and Glenn were separated in season four, Glenn made this proclamation multiple times. He vowed not to give up until he was reunited with Maggie, and “I’ll find you” became his words to live by.”

Poor pregnant Maggie had to kneel there and watch her husband get savagely beaten to death, getting his skull bashed in by a baseball bat. Then the camera moves in closer so the viewer can see all the gore that was promised in the comic. And they just had to make him all twitchy and shit!

That was extremely hard to watch. I was not mentally or emotionally prepared for it and I felt so sick to my stomach. And then the RV returns after several minutes of watching Rick struggling with walkers before Negan finally helped clear them out with a machine gun.

But the drama did not end there…oh no. They are not yet done toying with our emotions! Negan pulls CORAL! out of line and draws a line on his arm telling Rick to grab his hatchet. Rick begs Negan not to do it, to which he responds that he is not doing shit. With guns aimed at the back of everyone’s heads Rick now has to decide to cut off his own son’s arm or lose everyone in his group including Carl who would get his skull bashed in.

walking dead premiere

Andrew Lincoln better get a damn Emmy for his performance in this episode. He is pleading and crying and begging Negan at this point as Negan is counting down from three. Carl tells him to just do it. Rick touches his son’s hand lovingly before raising the axe….Negan stops the act to remind Rick that this is the new world order. Rick answers to Negan, and Negan owns him and his people.

After Negan and his men clear out, Rick’s group is left in the aftermath. Daryl has been taken away in the back of a truck. Without hesitation, weakened, broken, sick Maggie stands up. She declares that they need to get ready. For what, Rick asks.

“To fight them.” She answers like the strong woman she is. Maggie is filled with fire. She has lost her whole family, and now Glenn. The only thing she has left is the baby inside her and the drive to fight back. As emotionally draining, brutal, and beyond sad as it was to lose Glenn it is a very necessary part of Maggie’s story leading to “All Out War”.

I’m not gonna downplay Abraham’s death either. It was difficult losing him as well. Denise received Abe’s comic book death which I am actually okay with because he received a much more fitting and honorable death in my opinion. And Eugene’s face during this whole episode was just heart wrenching.

walking dead premiere

Rosita, Sasha, & Eugene prepare to remove the body of the man they all loved most.

Yes, this episode was brutal; it was so violent; it was incredibly hard to watch and I don’t think I could ever re-watch that episode. But it was so incredibly well-written. When a piece of television stirs as much emotion as this one did, you know they’ve done something right.

Be angry that Glenn is gone! Be pissed that they killed Abe! That’s what great television does. It doesn’t just make everything all happy and nice for you. This is the zombie apocalypse; tie your big kid shoes! Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz will be gravely missed. Steven was a part of the family since the very first season. We basically got to grow up with him!

walking dead premiere

And that family dinner scene…come on. They haven’t stabbed our hearts enough yet! And that child! That beautiful child sitting in Glenn’s lap! I look forward to seeing the Kingdom with Ezekiel and his Tiger! And I cannot wait to see All Out War. This is television to be passionate about.

I managed to record a bit of a reaction video during this episode. I actually stopped recording myself because I was too upset. But if you’d like to see my reaction to the scenes in which Abraham and Glenn meet their untimely demise, watch below. You’ll be able to hear audio from the episode but the video does not show anything from the episode so there’s no need to worry about seeing the gore.

So what are your thoughts on this episode, nerds? Do you think they went too far or do you think Abe and Glenn got the proper sendoff? I think the only thing I would have done differently was to have Abraham’s death occur at the season finale. This would have led everyone to believe that Glenn was maybe safe and we wouldn’t have felt like we were led on and put away wet.

Stay Nerdy!


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