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Hi Curious Crowd! It’s been just a little over two weeks since the company of Walt Disney launched their streaming platform Disney+. We knew going into the launch that there may be some jamming of the network since everyone was eager to see what was going to be offered. Thanks to being in the room where it happened, we got a sneak peek at this year’s D23 Expo. But let’s dive in to how we find the platform after actually using it.

Getting Started

First off, let’s talk about setting up your account and the home page. It was very easy to sign up and when you got to the home page, it was very overwhelming to see everything that was available. Just the fact that the entire vaulted collection being available is overwhelming in itself! It wasn’t too hard to figure out where to add the other members of your family/group to your account. Everyone can even customize their own avatars for their user profile. The options to choose from is massive. Everything from Pixar, classic Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and even villains! So cool!

First Thoughts

As we’ve mentioned before, looking at the home page on the platform is very overwhelming. Just not knowing where to start and what to watch first is the toughest decision to make. Do you go classic, modern, or something absolutely brand new and original? Here at NC, we went the nostalgic route and chose some classics as our first watch. It was a great way to just ground yourself with something familiar before jumping to some of the other newer and original content. Star Wars’: The Mandalorian has been taking social media by storm with all the Baby Yoda memes.

I have yet to watch it, but it will be on the must-see list. Instead, I decided to delve into The World According to Jeff Goldblum. It was light, funny, insightful with a touch of whimsy, and of course it’s not Jeff Goldblum without a little smidgen of serenading viewers with an original ditty! And how can you not get hooked onto the first episode with a little bit of a Pink Panther feel? Nicely done Disney, nicely done.


There are definitely some glitches during the first few days of the platform going live with complaints of lagging, but now that it’s been live for a while now, I haven’t experienced that much of a lag except during the beginning when the platform is loading and I’m being signed in. It doesn’t bother me one bit. After that it hasn’t been terrible. The episodes load very quickly and I like how it automatically loads the next episode if it is available. Though this hasn’t been consistent for some users depending on the window they click an episode from. Most of us actually don’t mind that new episodes for original content is being released once a week. As Jeff Goldblum mentions in his show, it creates anticipation. And that anticipation will make us come back every time.

Being the new kid on the block, it is difficult not to compare it to Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. The longstanding Netflix has taken time to perfect its platform and convenient features. It is quite surprising that some of these features were not inherently part of the Disney+ fundamental design. We’re sure many updates will come.

The Nitty Gritty

The low down: You are allowed up to 7 users and only 4 devices can be on the platform at the same time. And on top of that, you get a 7-day trial to see if Disney+ is for you before you’re billed either monthly or annually. It’s a great way to try out a new streaming platform but also not be pressured to commit just yet. This is a great idea and Disney has done an excellent job in reeling all of us in from the anticipation of the vast library, as most of us are interested in it due to nostalgia.

According to Jeff Goldblum (this was about ice cream, but it can be relevant here), it’s like a time machine where it can take us to the past that were filled with happy memories from watching a Disney production. But it can also bring us the feeling of comfort when we’re feeling low and bring us back and lift up our spirits. That is Disney.

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