Nerdyviews: Sailor Moon Crystal – Premonition

Nerdyviews: Sailor Moon Crystal – Season 3 (Acts 27 & 28) Premonition!

For those of you who didn’t know, I am a huge anime fan. I prefer dubs most of the time, but I have no problem with watching certain subbed anime. One of my favorites for years has been Sailor Moon. When Sailor Moon was rebooted as Sailor Moon Crystal, I may have squee-ed a bit…..

nerdyviews Sailor Moon Crystal Squee

Finally Season 3 has started appearing on Hulu! And this season instead of having to wait for a new episode every 2 weeks, we are getting a new episode every week! I have been so excited about this series that I thought I would start doing recaps every other week. I’m not alone in this endeavor though! Joining me is the fabulous comic book writer Johnny Brown! You may remember him from Nerds R Us a while back. ICYMI check it out here.

Our Review

In this episode of Nerdyviews, we discuss the 2-part season premiere of Premonition. Check out our review below.

We may have had a few technical glitches here and there, but I really enjoyed my discussion with Johnny! I appreciate his articulation and insight. I am good at expressing myself when I am writing, but speaking is not exactly my forte….you know the whole forming words thing. Example: when trying to describe my favorite Sailor Scout all I can say is, “GRRRRRRR!” and make some kind of feral animal face….Johnny was able to describe Jupiter exactly how I wanted to, thus why he is a comic book writer and I am not. :p

Comparing Opening and Closing Themes

Also I have included the opening and closing songs for the past 2 seasons, as well as the new ones so that you may compare the two. Let us know which opening and closing you like better!

Here is the song from the Season 1 & 2 openings, but this opening in particular was for the Black Moon Arc:

Here is the opening for Season 3, New Moon:

This was the ending for the first 2 Seasons:

And here is the ending for Season 3, Eternal Eternity:

I hope you enjoyed our Nerdyviews, and please tune in next time when we discuss episodes 3 and 4!

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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