Nerdyviews: Sailor Moon Crystal Pt 2 – Ep 3,4

Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2 Season 3/Acts 29 & 30

We’re back with another edition of Nerdyviews: Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2! This week, Johnny (who from this day forward shall henceforth be known as Johnny Mack for all entertainment related business!) and I are discussing Acts 29 and 30 – Ripples, and Two New Soldiers.

Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2

As per usual, I occasionally butcher the Sailor Scouts’ names (I just cannot ever seem to remember how to pronounce Haruka’s name!) and at times I don’t even bother trying to say their names because I don’t want to say them wrong (“you know….the two girls….”) but I digress……

There were some very exciting moments in these episodes and I couldn’t hold back wanting to discuss the ending of Ripples. I immediately messaged Johnny about it!

Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2

As you can tell from our discussion, we both had a hard time waiting to discuss these episodes!

We can hardly wait for the next couple of episodes to come! Seriously, if you’re not watching this series, you are missing out. You can catch it on Crunchyroll and Hulu Plus. Also, if you’re interested in the Funko Pop Vinyl figures Johnny mentioned in the video, they are available for pre-order on Amazon!

Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2

They are also available at Hot Topic. The version of Sailor Moon with the Moon Wand and Luna with the bandages on her head is a Hot Topic exclusive and is cheaper directly from Hot Topic than it is on Amazon. Hot Topic also has the Tamashii Buddies figures of Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus!

Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2

If you’re a collector like me and you’ve been waiting for AFFORDABLE Sailor Moon figures all of the Tamashii Nations and Buddies figured are available on Amazon. Prices range from approximately $12 for the Buddies, to between $25-50 for the basic Nations figures. There are other Nations figures that are in action poses that are higher in price.

Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2

Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2

Sailor Moon Crystal Pt2

(Chibi Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Black Lady are also available as Nations!)

Feel free to jump in on our discussion in the comments! We’ll see you again in another 2 weeks, nerds.

~Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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