Nerdyviews: Captain America Civil War

We can all safely admit Civil War had us all…
news 050516We were all so overwhelmed with nerdgasmic energy, we knew we had to have a roundtable with our fellow nerds to discuss everything that happened. All four of us NC ladies and the male floating head, Rich, were all present. We were lucky to have previous Nerds ‘R Us guests, Haylee and Laura and the lovely Mindy join us. We had a fantastic, 2 hr talk where we analyzed every character and future Marvel. Most review videos are 15 minutes tops, but oh well, we were having so fun, it was almost a therapy session. You know how nerds get when you experience an extreme high from nerdy goodness then experience withdrawals. Yea, that.

Please note this talk is full of SPOILERS!!!
We split up the video into three parts accordingly…

Part 1:

• Black Panther 4:55–15:30
• Continuing Story 15:30–17:35
• Spidey, Aunt May, Stan’s Cameo 17:35–38:45

Part 2:

• Zemo 0:00–13:36
• Politics & Rank of Civil War in the MCU 13:38–22:40
• Ant-man, Scarlet Witch, Vision 22:40–32:09
• Falcon, Bucky, Agent 13 32:09– 44:17

Part 3:

• Black Widow 0:00–9:33
• Steve & Tony 9:33–35:55
• Teams and Random Tangents 35:55–49

If you managed to stick it out, we love you. If you didn’t, we don’t blame you, lol. Allow us to recommend the latest HISHE Civil War review. We love HISHE and the review is great, though we disagree with a couple things. 😉

Comment, subscribe and all that jazz. We would love to hear what you thought of the film and where you think the MCU is headed.

Nerd On!
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