Nerdyviews: Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War

Greetings, Curious Crowd! There really is no need for an introduction for Infinity War. We were left with an odd mixture of emotions and feelings and we had to hash it out together.


Not clear? This conversation includes spoilers. Proceed with caution.

We chat our initial reactions (bear with Rach and her extraness), favourite moments (the ladies of Marvel brought it), funny lines (we forgot to mention how adorable and hilarious it was that Thor referred to Rocket as a rabbit), beard game, our love for Gamora, things that were meh (there weren’t many of those), *that* scene between Spidey and Stark (Jen broke Roni), timey wimey predictions (Jams has a really great theory), and Avengers 4.

Join us, listen below, and tell us your thoughts! Did you have a strong reaction, positive or negative? Explain, we’re curious!

Side note: Roni brought up an interesting tidbit she was mulling over regarding the choice of the “dusted” folks. Could it be that the gauntlet took the people that meant the most to those left behind (Stark – Spidey, Rocket – his entire family, Cap – Bucky, etc). Sound off in the comments below.

Here’s to May 2019!

Nerd On,
Your Curious Crew
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