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Ladies and Germs, we bring you another nerd couple’s review of Crimson Peak! (with additional commentary by their mediator)


Jams & Rich
On October 18th, I had the pleasure of seeing Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak (I went the 17th), and let me tell you…it was indeed a pleasure! (It was indeed!) Where to begin?

Let me start this off by saying if you are expecting a horror movie and all you are going for is the scares, then walk away…go see Paranormal Activity 12 or something. (LOL!) Don’t get me wrong, there are some scares! There were moments that made me cringe, and there were moments that made me physically shudder (Like the Hiddlecakes?)(bwahahaha). Del Toro as always does fantastic work with his practical creature effects. His use of color is both beautiful and horrifying (I totally agree, I haven’t seen anything this gorgeous from him since Pan’s Labyrinth). (Everything is a painting with the man, a feast for the eyes. Those costumes Jams!!!)

The house….if I stepped into my new home and the walls were BLEEDING I would have to say, “Sorry, Tom! I’m out!” Who am I kidding? It’s Tom Hiddleston! I’d live there too! (wiggles eyebrows) But in all seriousness…I have never been so afraid of or disgusted by red clay as I was during this movie. And how does the clay drip DOWN the walls? The house is sitting on top of clay, how did it get to the top of the walls so that it could drip down? Explain! (Wasn’t it only doing that on the first floor and lower floor?) And for God’s sake fix your roof (You would think with the way they made their money that fixing their roof would be toward the top of the list…)!

The story moved in a rather predictable manner but I honestly don’t think del Toro was going for some mysterious twist here. He was simply trying to tell a story; a love story. Maybe not your typical and ideal love story but nonetheless it was a beautiful gothic romance that had some ghosts in it. (As Edith says) The romance was given to us slowly. We weren’t thrown into a clandestine passionate romance, we got to see their love develop and bloom into what we wanted it to become, mirroring the emotions of the main character.

Those Hiddlecakes…sorry I just got distracted thinking about them. What exactly are Hiddlecakes you may be wondering? If you watch the movie, you will know precisely what I’m referring to and I will leave it at that (Ugh).(eyebrow wiggles and giggles)

There were some side characters that I wish we could have seen more of in the movie because what we did get to see of them was very special. I really enjoyed Jim Beaver’s role in the film; such a different role from the Bobby Singer I am used to seeing! (Balls!) Charlie Hunnam played another great role in this film and I wanted so much more of his character but it just never got delivered to me in the way I was hoping! (Once again, del Toro dug into his past cast members with the likes of Charlie, Burn Gorman, and of course, Doug Jones who is fabulous at everything he does in any del Toro production)(I agree, I feel like we could’ve seen more from them. Charlie especially, felt under utilized to me.)

The ending felt rushed. It felt like they missed an opportunity in which they could have used the element of the red clay or the machine Thomas was building and instead went with a very anti-climactic finish. (I think it was the fact the majority of the film was a build up and had a slower flow of story…once it all came to a head it was information/action bombs for the last 15 minutes. That does seem to be an accurate treatment for the traditional gothic romance however.) So here is a breakdown of my pros and cons with this film…


Tom Hiddleston….the world needs more Hiddles! (Indeed, preferably dancing)

Hiddlecakes! (sigh)

Beautiful costumes and sets (gorgeous)

Effective use of color (Perfection)

Great story (Decent)

Some effective scares (There were jumps, but mostly cringes from human inflicted violence. Could that possibly be the commentary…that humans are the real monsters? I think so.)

(Great period piece)(Indeed)

(Amazing work by both Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska. For Mia this was a much better role than Alice in Wonderland.) (They are both fantastic!)


The advertising made the movie seem like something it wasn’t (this actually isn’t really a con directed at the movie itself unless you wanted it to be a scary movie)(I totally agree with this) (It was totally a “well, it’s October, so we have to make it appear spookier than it is!” Let things be what they are folks.)

Predictable storylines (Agree)

Anticlimactic conclusion

Missed opportunities to use the red clay (I got enough of the red clay lol)

(I wish they had utilized Burn Gorman more and had another del Toro throwback with a Ron Pearlman cameo)

Do I recommend this film? Absolutely, just know what you are getting yourself in for before you go.

(Yes, I give it 4 Hellboys out of 5) (I agree, recommended at 3.5 out of 5 Hellboys)

Thanks to Jams and Rich! Let us know what you thought nerds!
Your mediator and additional commentator, R.
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