Nerdy Valentine: Fictional Characters

If you could write a love letter to any fictional character, who would it be? This was our thematic question this week, and I could not decide on just one!

nerdy valentine fiction

Sure you have your classics like Mr. Darcy, brave warriors like Jon Snow, superheroes, high functioning sociopaths, magical wizards, timelords, and even girl crushes, but how do I pick just one? So, I’m breaking the rules, and I am doing them all! Insert evil laugh here! Wait, that sounded wrong, I meant I’m going to showcase one thing I love about them all. There you go. You dirty, dirty nerds.

Mr. Darcy

nerdy valentines fiction darcy

Specifically Firth’s Darcy mind you, is dreamy even when he’s coming off as a conceited, pretentious ass. If it weren’t for his loyalty to friends and family and Pemberley of course, he’d be a lost cause. If Mr. Darcy teaches us anything, it’s that we should always make an effort to take a closer look. First Impressions aren’t always the best.

Jon Snow

nerdy valentine fiction snow

Poor Jon proved he did know some things, and to many a young lady or lad, that would be enough for a date in a cave. He has been strong enough to maintain a good heart through all the terrible things he’s been through. Never pass someone up who can withstand hell. On a side note, I can’t wait until Thrones comes back!


nerdy valentine fiction heroes

This is a category unto itself, because I couldn’t even choose one superhero. To all you awesome superheroes out there, DC and Marvel alike, thanks for being awesome, for fighting for what you believe in, and being easy on the eyes while doing it.


nerdy valentine fiction sherlock

Benedict aside, Sherlock is a brainy character. Like Irene Adler says, brainy is the new sexy. Sure it may be attached to the most impossible man, but you can’t fault The Woman for being Sherlocked.


nerdy valentine fiction weasley

Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, The entire Weasley clan, Oliver Wood, and now Newt Scamander, the list goes on and on. Thank you to Jo Rowling for creating such well-rounded and interesting personalities. There are so many qualities to admire, like the Weasley twins and their sense of humor. Someone who can make you laugh will get you through the tough times.


nerdy valentine doctor fiction

The Doctor, the ultimate adventurer. He’d challenge you and you would grow. The Tardis is enough of a reason to run away with him, but if he happens to look like 10, well…

Girl Crush

nerdy valentine fiction peggy

Oh goodness, that is a long list as well, but I have to give it to Peggy Carter! Beautiful, smart, good with a gun, and making a name for herself in a man’s world. She is the best! Dudes, never let go of a strong woman.

Ok nerds, who would your fictional valentine be and why? Let us know this week.
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