Nerdy Valentine: Dear K-2SO

Dear K-2,

Ever since Rogue One hit theatres in December, I’ve had a bit of a crush on a particular, sassy droid.

Yes, I’m talking about you, K-2. Perhaps it’s my affinity to reformed bad boys, or maybe it’s my love of sarcastic, unfiltered wit.

I mean, just look at those disproportionately long, yet graceful limbs.

They aren’t just for show either. They mean serious business.

And you have math genius brains to boot. We could talk probabilities together!

Let’s be real, we all wish we were as cool as a skin-tight, grey pajama clad Alan Tudyk…

But most importantly, your giant stature only matches the size of your heart and courage.

Okay, how dare you?! Who told you that was okay?


Much better.

K-2, never change. Stay honest, stay glorious, you beautiful, beautiful droid.

From your number one fan in this galaxy,

••• ❤ ••• ❤ ••• ❤ ••• ❤ ••• ❤ •••

Hope you enjoyed my silly Valentine’s appreciation post to K-2SO! I’ve been sitting on this idea of writing a love letter to K-2 since December and I’m so glad the other NC gals decided to join in on the fun. Please remember to subscribe, like, follow us on all the socials. And send us suggestions on what you’d like to see on the blog!

Stay curious!

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