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Nerds! Let’s take a minute and take a deep breath over all the awesome TV premieres this week and last?! …SIGH… Nerd TV is fantastic! #WhereIsSimmons What all have you guys watched so far, what else are you looking forward to? Side note, Heroes Reborn continues tonight! šŸ˜€ #GravelVoiceZac (wiggles eyebrows) Hey, #equalobjectification, right Foxy (@shannonfox)?! šŸ˜‰
Ok end tangent, now let’s take a look at 10 things thatĀ happened in the nerd-verse this week.

With the mind-sploding premiere of Agents of Shield and many of the other MarvelTV properties out there, many a nerd has wondered if the tele-verse would be mentioned in the MCU. We know it’s happened in the reverse, and got a taste in Ultron with the carrier from a “friend”, so it would only be fair! Kevin Feige has confirmedĀ the films will start to reference the shows in the future. See more here.
giphygifRock that tie Matt…

Disnerds can now window shop Once Upon a Time’s Mr. Gold storefront at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! YES PLEASE! Side note, please make it an actual store one day. See more here.

Just going to leave this here…tiptoes away waiting for squees.

Have 16 nerd friends? Book the Chateau De Soleil in South Dakota and you can sleep in the Hobbit Treehouse! See more here.

Don’t have Holiday plans yet? Fly to London, Head to Warner Bros. Studio, where on Dec. 3, you will be able to dine in the Great Hall! For $349 you can partake in a 2 course meal, a wizard wand and a tour of the studio sets! Revision…It’s already sold out!!! Wha?!

The news heard round the webs along the lines ofĀ #SuperBloodMoon…is #WaterOnMars!!
See detailsĀ here.

Paper Town’s star, Nat Wolff may be headed to Death Note! See more here.

Looks like the Kingsman Sequel may begin shooting in March! Can we say yay?! Looky here.

The Jessica Jones International (Netflix Japan) Teaser Trailer has found it’s way online!

Catch the glimpse of Zoom in the Flash Trailer? If not, here you go…

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.18 PM

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