Nerdy Kidz Corner: Project MC2 Build a Robot

Welcome, Nerdlings! On today’s Nerdy Kidz Corner, Aylah and I are unboxing and building our very own robot. We got the Build a Robot Kit from Project MC2. While you won’t have your very own robot maid to do the chores for you, you will have a cute little soda can robot type thing that walks. That’s what it does…it walks.

There you have it, the Project MC2 Build a Robot is not without its faults but it is still a cute and fun project. We had fun building Ella.  Who knows maybe we will rebuild her with a fabulous MOUStache! What should we unbox next? Please let us know! If you haven’t aleardy please thumbs up the video and Subscribe to our channel!

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.35.24 PM


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