Nerdy Kidz Corner: Kitty in my Pocket & Moon Fairy

Greetings, Nerdlings! Welcome back to another Nerdy Kidz Corner. On today’s segment, Aylah and I are doing our first blindbag video. We’re going to open blindbags from Kitty in my Pocket, and we’re also going to show you the Moon Fairy we found!

Kitty in my Pocket

We found Kitty in my Pocket at Target, along with Puppy in my Pocket. From the packaging we can see that there is also Jungle in my Pocket and Pony in my Pocket. These are really great for young kids to collect, or pretty much anyone who just loves collecting blindbag toys.

If you’re not sure what a blindbag toy is, basically a line of mystery toys are released and they usually come in “bag” type packaging. You don’t know what you’re going to get until you open up the bag (unless you’re really good at the “feel through the bag” method).

We got four of the kitties to open up for you, and luckily enough we didn’t get any duplicates!




Moon Fairy

Another impromptu toy we got on the cheap that we decided to test out for you was the Moon Fairy we found at Dollar General. This fairy is supposed to grow up to 600% and glow in the dark.


So we love Kitty in my Pocket and will likely keep collecting them. As for Moon Fairy, it is fun watching her grow. The only negative thing that I found about her was she ended up having one derpy wing that didn’t fully grow and had a weird patchy spot on it.

What did you think of our first blindbag video? Are there any blindbags you’d like to see us unveil, or perhaps something fun you’d like us to try out? Let us know, and we would still love to do a Q&A segment. Who knows, maybe we’ll pick your question!

Stay Nerdy, my friends!

~Jams and Aylah

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