Nerdy Kidz Corner: Moana Toys

Moana, make way, make way! Hello, Nerdlings! With the digital release of Moana this week and the upcoming release to Blu-ray and DVD Aylah and I just had to do something in honor of this amazing Disney movie. We’re going to review and demonstrate all the cool Moana Toys Aylah got!

Moana Toys

NKC Moana Toys

Moana was released to iTunes on February 21, but you can purchase it on Blu-Ray/DVD when it is released by clicking here (release date is set for March 7).

Moana Singing Doll

NKC Moana Toys

Moana comes with Hei Hei and Pua. She sings and says various movie phrases when you push her necklace. She stands at about 16″ tall. You can buy Singing Moana Doll here.

Moana Canoe Friends Playset

NKC Moana Toys

This playset comes with Moana in standard Disney Princess doll size, except Moana has her own unique face mold and body. She comes with her paddle, Hei Hei, and Pua. The boat is very easy to assemble and when the projector is turned on you can see an image of stars aligned in the shape of Maui’s hook. You can buy the playset here.

Moana & Maui Funko Pop!

NKC Moana Toys

There are a few variants of Moana as a Pop such as baby Moana, Target exclusive Moana with her paddle, and now Moana and the ocean. We decided to get the original Moana who comes with Pua. You can buy the Moana Pop here.

NKC Moana Toys

Yes, it’s him, Maui….breathe it in. I would have liked to see Maui as a larger pop rather than being the same size as Moana but that’s okay, he is a demi-god after all. You can get Maui here.

Swinging Sounds Maui

NKC Moana Toys

This Maui figure stands at about the right height if you’d like to pair him with the Moana doll I featured above or any of the other standard sized Moana dolls. He says various movie phrases when you press his belly. Also, when you twist his body his arm swings up and down and makes sound effects. You can buy Swinging Sounds Maui here.

Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

NKC Moana Toys

Of course your Moana collection won’t be complete with this beautiful necklace! This necklace is a toy replica of the one worn by Moana. The stone opens up revealing the heart within and also lights up when you press the button in the back. You can buy Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace here.

Check out our review of all of these toys on this week’s Nerdy Kidz Corner! And don’t forget to Suscribe if you haven’t already and hit that bell when you visit our YouTube page so that you can receive notifications whenever we upload new videos!

Which toys did you like the most? Are you as excited about the home release of Moana as we are? Let’s talk about it!

Stay Nerdy!

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