Nerdy Kidz Corner: Hatchimals & Torch Review

Welcome back, Nerdlings! We’re back for a brand new year of Nerdy Kidz Corner and to kick it off we’re going to do a toy review on Hatchimals and Torch: My Blazin’ Dragon.


hatchimals & Torch

There are several different types and colors of Hatchimals:

  • Bearakeet
  • Burtle
  • Owlicorn
  • Draggle
  • Penguala

Some types are exclusive to certain retailers. Around Christmas time these guys were hard to find because so many kids wanted them and so many people were flipping them online to make a quick buck. Now that the holidays are over they are a tad easier to find without being price gouged.

Furreal Friends: Torch My Blazin’ Dragon

Hatchimals & Torch

Furreal Friends comes out with a hot new animatronic animal friends every year it seems. Last year it was the unicorn, this year it was a baby dragon named Torch. Torch responds when you stroke his nose, push the crest on his chest, or feed him his marshmallow treat. The treat also changes color if you hold it in the mist that comes out of his mouth. There is a light in his mouth that makes the mist look like he’s breathing fire. Torch really is an adorable little dragon.

Without further ado, check out what we thought about Hatchimals & Torch!

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~Jams & Aylah

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