Nerdy Kidz Corner – Halloween Decor and Treats

Happy Nerd-o-ween, Nerdlings! This week on Nerdy Kidz Corner, Aylah and I are bringing you some Halloween Décor and Treats!

Halloween Decor and Treats

Halloween Decor

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I love decorating and making yummy, spooky treats. My Halloween décor tends to be a mixture of DIY and some store bought items. I have been able to acquire an impressive Halloween collection for very little amount of money.

A majority of the items I use for my DIYs I purchase from the Dollar Tree; this store is my secret weapon and you can really find a lot of great stuff there. I watch a lot of videos by Cheap Crafty Girl on YouTube for inspiration! In fact it was on her channel that I learned how to make the spell book you will see in the video.

Spooky Treats

I’ve also wanted to try some Halloween themed treats I had seen on Pinterest. We have all seen how Pinterest is a well-known place for people to post “life hacks” and sometimes these life hacks look too good to be true. So Aylah and I chose Spider Cookies, Zombie Boogers, and Poison Apples.

Spider Cookies

Halloween Decor and Treats

The Spider Cookies turned out to be a fail when we followed the pin, but Aylah found a creative way to make it work as you will see in the video.

Zombie Boogers

Halloween Decor and Treats

Zombie Boogers are essentially caramel popcorn with green food coloring added. It was amazing to see how easy it really is to make caramel-corn from scratch. These really turned out good!

Poison Apples

Halloween Decor and Treats

I was inspired by these Poison Apples! However, I have read feedback on candy apples such as these as well as the ones that are coated with Jolly Ranchers that they are hard to bite through. So I decided to try my own way of making them. How did I do it? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

We hope you enjoyed our Spooktastic Nerd-o-ween edition of Nerdy Kidz Corner. Feel free to share pics of your Halloween décor and treats below or on any of our social media.

Stay Spooky!


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