Nerdy Kidz Corner: Galaxy Easter Eggs

Galaxy Easter Eggs!

Good afternoon, Nerdlings! It’s almost Easter, so Aylah and I wanted to try and incorporate some nerdery into this sugary sweet holiday. I saw this tutorial for galaxy Easter eggs from Dream a Little Bigger (check it out!) so I thought that this would be a great project for the two of us! These are very easy to make and we already had everything we needed. Even if you don’t have all the materials, you can get everything cheaply enough at your local craft store and/or Walmart.

Galaxy Easter Eggs

Here are the eggs that Aylah and I painted!


All you need is:

-Plastic eggs, or chalkboard eggs (These can be found at Walmart. This is the time saving option!)

-Craft Paints in color of the galaxy (black, dark blue, royal blue, purple, teal, magenta, gold)

-White paint

-Paint brushes, and/or sponge brush


That’s it, really! Just follow the steps in our video, but be sure to also check out the original blog for more detailed written instructions. Thank you to Dream a Little Bigger for giving us this great idea for an Easter project. Check out what Aylah and I did in the video!

We’ve done some updating to our title page and tweaked the length of our theme song as you may be able to tell. Let us know what you think of the changes!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this fun, nerdy, Easter craft and decide to make some for Sunday (or just because!). If you decide to make some send us pics. Also take a look back on Jen’s Nerdie Foodie from last week: The Peeps vs The Eggs, and have a look at Rach’s TNT post on BUNNIES! What are some of your favorite Easter traditions? Have a nerdy Easter, Nerdlings!

Stay Nerdy, my friends


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