Nerdy Kidz Corner: DC Superhero Girls

DC Superhero Girls!

Hello, Nerdlings! It’s a great time to be a nerd, there’s no doubt about that. It used to be common nature that girls were often over looked when it came to nerdy merchandise and toys, but that is slowly starting to become a thing of the past. On February 28th, the DC Superhero Girls line was finally released at Target stores and online! Aylah and I went shopping to check out all the dolls, action figures, and merch.


The clothing that is available so far for this line is very cute and just girly enough. Typically, nerdgirl merchandise is pink pink PINK (which is okay, but not all girls want to be swimming in pink). There are also a few accessories available. I hope they expand upon this line by including jewelry (and I secretly wish I could squeeze into those little girl shirts….perhaps I’d fit into an XL?). Below you will find some of the merch we saw at Target in the girls’ section.

Target DC Superhero Girls Courage Heart Brains Shirt and Shorts

DC Superhero Girls Target Tanktop and Dress

DC Superhero Girls Target Batgirl Tanktop and Wonder Woman Dress

DC Superhero Girls Hats

DC Superhero Girls Accessories


After checking out the clothing and accessories, we made our way to the toy aisles and spotted the end cap for DC Superhero Girls. It was magnificent!

Target DC Superhero Girls Endcap

Onto the video!

You can check out our shopping shenanigans along with our review of the Poison Ivy doll and action figure below.

All in all, we are really loving everything about DC Superhero Girls. You can check out the web series on YouTube here, Like them on Facebook here, Follow them on Twitter here, Instagram, and visit the website here. You can buy DC Superhero Girls merch online here.

Check out the super catchy theme song for DC Superhero girls in this lyric video for “Get Your Cape On.” They try to include girls from all over the world in the girl power movement so be sure to check out their YouTube channel to hear the song in many different languages!

Get your cape on, nerdlings! Who is your favorite DC Superhero Girl? Who do you hope they make a doll of next? Let us know!

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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