Nerdie Foodie: Pancakes

Welcome back to another Nerdy Foodie Friday! This week, I was (still am) obsessing over pancake art. That’s right folks! I grew up with my parents telling me to not play with my food, but what I find on YouTube is a small community of artists getting a little creative with their food. In this case, pancakes. They are kids at heart – my kind of people.

First up is Tiger Tomato (@TigerTomato). They are a father and son duo from Australia who (in their own words) sculpt, draw, and fry. Nothing like an activity to do together for some father-son bonding. Check out Sonic the Hedgehog in pancake form!

For more from Tiger Tomato, check out their YouTube channel & Facebook page.

Next, there is Daniel Drake. Alias: Dr. Dan the Pancake Man (@drdancake). A former fry cook turned pancake artiste from St. Louis, MO. All it takes is a griddle, his cellphone, and a lot of pancake batter. On top of that, he will travel internationally if you want him to make you some kickass looking pancakes! Check out all 12 doctors from Dr. Who. That’s right. All 12 doctors and a tardis (bonus!).

For more from Dr. Dan, check out his YouTube channel & Facebook page or visit

Kevin Blankenship is the one behind the YouTube channel Randombreakfasts (@randombrkfsts). Also representing the United States, he creates these wonderful food art pieces for his kids *cough* father of the year award *cough*. Check out his rendition of the Minions!

For more from Kevin, check out his YouTube channel & Facebook page or visit

Jim, from Jim’s Pancakes (@jimspancakes) is nominee number 2 for the Father of the Year award! He is also making nerdy pancakes for his daughter. The difference, he has attempted to make 3D pancakes! Now that is some awesome ambition! Check out his version of the Golden Gate Bridge complete with scenery!

For more from Jim, check out his YouTube channel & Facebook page or visit

Nominee number 3 for the Father of the Year award goes to Nathan Shields of Saipancakes (@saipancakes) from the state of Washington! He is also posting up videos on YouTube of his adventures with pancake art creations that are for him and his kids. This next video is for all you Potterheads out there! That’s right! Harry Potter and company in pancake form!

For more from Nathan, check out his YouTube channel & Facebook page or visit

And finally, I love to travel. So when I found this pancake artiste that goes by the name of Miss Recipe, made staple Paris and Parisian icons in pancake form, I instantly loved the video! I don’t know who is behind the channel of Miss Recipe, but whoever you are you have made me a fan! Take a journey to Paris, pancake style!

For more from Miss Recipe, check out her YouTube channel!

Bon appétit and Happy Friday!


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