Nerdie Foodie: A New Beginning

Hello fans of Nerdy Curiosities and the interwebs!

Welcome to the first ever Foodie Friday column! I’m Jen and I just love food.  How is food and being nerdy related you ask? Nerd 001 (aka. Our fearless leader of all things nerdy, Zachary Levi) defines being nerdy as being passionate about something. My passion, or I should say one of my passions, is food. I, for the most part, am not a picky eater. *Side note: Thanks mom and dad!* I love eating food and I try not to stuff myself of the appetizers and entrées so that I can get to the good stuff – dessert! Oh, and did I mention carbs?? I’m such a bread junkie it’s not even funny. Enough about me, time to get on with this post!

Who has not heard about French macarons? They are so trendy right now, that it seems to be the “it” dessert to have at parties, weddings, bridal showers, dessert, or even just as a snack on your day out with friends and/or family. These bite sized filled cookies are definitely gluten free (another food/diet trend) but are not nut free. So all you folks with nut allergies be aware! I consider myself a hobby baker, and I do make macarons once a month to test out new flavours, perfect old and timeless ones, and just try and get my creative juices flowing! (The macarons I make will be unveiled once a month on Foodie Fridays) Mmmmm……chocolate….. ahhhhh *happy place*


Photo by Jenine

Macaron flavours can be endless.  Here are just a few that I have created:



Photo by Jenine

Lady Earl Grey (London Fog)


Photo by Jenine

And to round this trio out, I give you a classic: Vanilla Bean

Photo by Jenine

Photo by Jenine

Hope you didn’t get too hungry looking at these photos! If you did, then I hope you are eating lunch to take away those darn hunger pains! What are your favourite flavours? Comment below and let us know! Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll see that flavour featured in our monthly macaron articles!

Happy Friday!


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