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I was invited by my friend Pooja to watch her perform at a local event here in Vancouver called Nerd Nite. Granted, I solely said yes to watch my friend perform, but it didn’t hurt that it also happened to be a nerdy event! Talk about intriguing! Did I mention she raps about Neuroscience? It really was pretty badass.

About Nerd Nite

Nerd Nite has been going on in Vancouver for a few years now – they’re already at #22 (although it says #24 on their website). It is run by Michael, Brandon, and Kaylee. With the occasional field trip to a different venue, Nerd Nites are usually held at the Fox Cabaret on Main St.

(Photo Credit: Jenine)

(Photo Credit: Jenine)

There were three 20-minute talks scheduled on Wednesday night. Think of it like 3 mini guest lectures with a round of Q&A after each one and you can buy booze if you wish at the bar. However, being a school night, I was only able to stay for the first talk: What it’s like to instantly forget what friends and lovers look like by Trevor Risk.


This talk was interesting, it reminded me a lot about a movie I watched a while back starring Alexis Bledel and our Nerd 001, Mr. Zachary Levi, called Remember Sunday. Even though this wasn’t about a brain aneurysm where one cannot make new memories, our speaker Trevor has a condition called agnosia and like autism, it also has a spectrum of its own.

Some people are really good with numbers, audio, and facts versus fiction and the artistic creativeness. Others on this spectrum are the complete opposite. Some people joke about having Alzheimer’s or dementia because they can easily forget where they place things or forget information. Trevor can forget faces and places. He needs reminders on things he’s picking up or heading towards. Finding where he parked his car in the mall can be even more of a challenge if he forgets that he’s heading to the parking lot and ends up in front of an ice cream store instead of finding his car. Things like that. It was very informative. I learned that as much as we do research on the brain, it is so complex that we haven’t unlocked all of it’s secrets.


(Photo Credit: Jenine)

If it weren’t for my friend Pooja, I wouldn’t have had such a fun nerdy night out during the weekday. Thanks again for inviting Z and I, and letting us embarrass the heck out of you by cheering you on the loudest!

(Photo Credit: Lindsay’s Diet)

(Photo Credit: Lindsay’s Diet)

And if you didn’t believe me when I said she’s a rapping Neuroscience major, well, here it is in all it’s glory. An original Pooja rap.

I had a great night and if you’re every in Vancouver, check out the upcoming Nerd Nites here!

‘Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!


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