Nerdventures: MoPOP Star Trek Exploring New Worlds

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Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds

If we could have the purple love TARDIS as a mode of transportation in present time to all the conventions, festivals and nerdy events, we would take it. Just like the Farewell launch party extravaganza at MoPOP this weekend as they say goodbye to their Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds exhibit after a fun-filled 2 years!

My inner Trekkie can hardly contain itself and I am so sad that I can’t be there to cover the festivities. However, while Rach and I were at MoPOP for the unveiling of the Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes, we got the chance to go through the Star Trek exhibit. And let me tell you, I was in awe and have such a blast! There are a TON of memorabilia from the very first Star Trek tv series to Voyager and a few of the films! They even have a couple interactive exhibits – I highly recommend you go through the simulation game on the 2nd floor. It was ridiculously fun!


The send-off weekend party starts on Friday, May 11th and will feature a Q&A panel with Chase Masterson from Deep Space Nine, a dance party with DJ Sir Juan, a special Star Trek Geeks Who Drink trivia, photo ops and more! The fun times will continue on throughout Saturday and Sunday with gallery-led tours of the exhibit showcasing over 100 curated items, more photo ops, and arts and crafts for everyone of all ages!

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Tickets to the exhibit’s send-Off party range between $11-$25 USD (you can purchase them here) and tickets to this family friendly exhibit over the weekend range between $17-$28 USD. Admission to the exhibit also includes: the Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction, Scared to Death: The Lure of Horror Film (I stepped in maybe 5 steps past the doorway and turned right back around. You’d have to ask Rach about that exhibit), and Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic (now that is a good exhibit). For more info and to get tickets online, check out MoPOP’s website here!

Check out this exhibit before it goes on its National Tour! If you’re planning on going, share your pictures with us on our social medias as we love to see all the fun and Trekkie shenanigans, and to boldly go where no one has gone before! Live long and prosper Curious Crowd.

(Photo Credit: Rach)

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