Nerdventures: MoPOP Marvel Exhibit Preview

There you are, minding your own business when the perfect assignment comes across your desk. Then you realize, you personally can’t do it due to lack of teleportation skills. Where are my mutant powers, already?! Luckily our Canadian Curious ladies are on the job and will be headed to the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle this weekend. We are super excited to be covering the opening of the Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes exhibit!

Jams and I aren’t jealous at all. I’m shaking my head emphatically while Jams whispers, “Yes, yes we are.” Okay, we’re a bunch of nerds who love these heroes and their stories, why wouldn’t we be?! It’s not like there will be marvelous things to see? Right? Just a bunch of really cool costumes, and props, and experiences. Insert long pause. Do you sense the sarcasm? Are the Marvel/Superhero puns too on the nose? Sorry, not sorry.

Ultimately, we are fans just like you. And if you love Marvel and their storytelling as much as we do, then this is the exhibit you are looking for. You’ll want to see the journey through Marvel’s 80-year history from inception to present day in MoPOP’s largest exhibition to date. They will be featuring more than 300 original artifacts including artwork, costumes, and props from comics and films like Captain America, The Avengers, Jessica Jones, and many more. Many artifacts are rare original pieces from the dawn of Marvel and others will go on display to the public for the first time.

The exhibit will also feature larger-than-life-sized recreations of Marvel characters, exclusive original artwork, state-of-the-art interactive experiences, photo-ops, and more. Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes opens to the public on April 21, 2018 and runs through January 6, 2019 at MoPOP. For more information, visit Tickets range from $25-$36.

Let us know if you’re planning to visit and share your thoughts with us. Don’t forget to also post photos on all the socials with the hashtags #NCMoPOP and #MarvelMoPOP!

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MoPOP is a cutting-edge, nonprofit museum dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture. With its roots in rock ‘n’ roll, MoPOP serves as a gateway museum, reaching multi-generational audiences through collections, exhibitions and educational programs, and using interactive technologies to engage and empower its visitors. At MoPOP, artists, audiences and ideas converge, bringing understanding, interpretation and scholarship to the popular culture of our time. MoPOP is housed in a 140,000 square foot Frank Gehry-designed building. This spectacular, prominently visible structure has the presence of a monumental sculpture set amid the backdrop of the Seattle Center. For more information, visit

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