Nerdventures: Kicking off November with The Lights Festival

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The start of a new month always sends NC in an excited frenzy to think of themes or relevant topics. The Fall and Winter months are a little easier since they typically come prepackaged. So here we are, November. Though we typically like to focus on the positive things here at NC, this year has had some tough moments. We’ve been exposed to so much volatility and hostility, that I am both terrified and relieved tomorrow (Nov. 8) will be over. Amidst all the uncertainty, I am a hopeful nerd. A hopeful nerd who expects November to be a month of goodness. Afterall, it is the month of thanks, family, friends, and it so happens to be my birthday month too. Details…

Official Start

My November officially began November 4th. Yes, Doctor Strange’s release date, but more on that later. My November began at 4pm, Friday, November 4th as I headed to The Lights Festival after work. For anyone who is unaware of how huge Houston is, it takes an average of 45 minutes to get across the city if traffic is good.
nerdventures mapI had to make my way to the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown where the magic was scheduled to happen. It took me about two hours to get there and rediscovered an area I haven’t been to in a long time. Parking and check-in was painless and organized. Upon arriving, I met up with sister, bro-in-law, his dad, and my mom. There were plenty of yummy, unhealthy food options and we set up our chairs next to a torch.


Being a huge Disnerd and a huge Tangled fan, I have been wanting to attend a lantern festival for a long time. It always seemed magical and spiritual. I was not disappointed. Seeing such a diverse crowd of couples and families, all shapes and colors, coming together and helping strangers light their lanterns offered a much needed ray of hope. The hope is in the simple things sometimes. I am so grateful to have spent the evening with people I love, and could not have thought of a better way to ring in November than with sending my wishes, prayers, and hopes out to the universe via a lantern. I hope to attend again if the opportunity arises.

When I mentioned to the NC ladies that I wished they had played I See the Light, Rach added it to the video. Rach, you’re the best!

Also, check out the lights from my perspective. It was gorgeous.

Nerds, I strongly recommend going to The Lights Festival website and check to see when they’re coming to your city. Be like ‘Punzel and go live your dream! I wish you the best November!

Nerd On!
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