Nerdventures: Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

Game of Thrones

Dundun…dadadundun…dadadundun… ok, I won’t do it.

Sigh, oh Ramin must you be so talented? A lover of classical music and tv/movie scores, I immediately jumped on ticket sales for the Game of Thrones Live Concert experience! The official tour website shows seven more performances in the tour. West coast nerds, run to your local venue and experience Ramin Djawadi and his masterpiece first hand.


With a mixture of the score and stunning visuals of the show and enhancing graphics, the experience is worth every penny. The talented musicians travelling with Ramin are amazing, and the use of local orchestras and choirs is inspiring. I’m proud to know many, if not all, members of the Houston orchestra and choir are fluent in Game of Thrones music. Check out the preview video below.

After attending, I can say this is what it looked like. I would recommend sitting along either side of the double stage set-up. I wasn’t quick enough in the ticket buying, and ended up on the southern end of the set up. It was still a great seat with plenty to see. The key musicians and Ramin himself performed on both stages throughout the concert. The only downside were the seams of the 3-tiered rings at each end which proved a bit distracting at times. The music truly speaks for itself. The visuals are the cherry on top.

Ultimately, if you love Game of Thrones, or want to introduce someone to the show, take them to experience this event. You won’t regret it.


Check out my view in the photos below.

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