Nerdventures: Curious Boston

How do nerds plan a trip? You find out when the Moulin Rouge pre-Broadway schedule is and plan your entire vacation around it! How many levels of nerdy did we unlock? 

Level 1: Intellectual and US Historical Central

Yes, it was a bonus that we had to venture to Boston. Knowledge is in the air, literally. You can smell, taste, hear, and see the history all around you in this city. Our history nerd needs were met as we strolled through the Freedom Trail, stood in the same buildings, and walked the steps of so many historical figures.

The people of Boston are lucky to be constantly reminded of how far we’ve come, and how important it is to preserve our history.


Level 2: Bibliophiles

One of the first things I researched when planning the trip was finding old book stores to venture to. I was so lucky that Brattle was just a few blocks away from our AirBnB. Well, my wallet may disagree after multiple visits (4) and 6 new book purchases later. But I have no regrets. Luckily, Rachel has much better self control.

Brattle is such a magical gem, as you come upon it on the street and see the alley next door with tons of discount books against the shelf lined brick walls and carts. The magic is magnified as you open the door and are overwhelmed by that special smell. There is nothing like the smell of old books. Yes, we spent hours on our first visit walking through all three stories of the building. We highly recommend the special collections of the 3rd floor where all the leather-bound books and gold leaf pages entice you.

We also happened upon Commonwealth Books while walking the Freedom Trail. It caught Rachel’s eye down an alleyway. That was another lovely bookstore, but Brattle continues to hold a special place in my heart.


Level 3: Broadway Musical Goals Reached

Moulin Rouge may have been our original reason for venturing to Boston, but upon finding out that Aladdin was in town at the same time, we decided to take advantage. All I have to say is Michael James Scott is a genie-us! We were exhausted just watching his boundless energy in ‘Never Had a Friend’ and throughout the show. His reference to Wakanda just about killed me laughing. Anyone who is capable of making a part his own after Robin Williams, gets a hardy congratulations. 

Something both Aladdin and Moulin Rouge had in common were the stunning venues. There was some trouble with the original Moulin Rouge tickets we purchased due to renovations, but we quickly forgave them upon seeing the theater. Gorgeous! Also, what theater would match the grandiocity needed for Moulin Rouge when it goes to Broadway? It is definitely a needed aspect to create the ambiance with the set. I don’t want to speak too much on the actual show, because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but perhaps Rach and I will do a spoilery review at a later time. Plus, much will most likely change upon it’s Broadway debut. All I will say is that the ensemble has boundless energy, and the sets are insanely gorgeous.


Level 3.5: We don’t want to be Woozles!

We also get extra points for going to see Christopher Robin. Come on, we couldn’t resist the Pooh! Plus, we’re talking Hayley Atwell and Moulin Rouge alum, Ewan McGregor! How are we supposed to resist that cast?

penguin news

Level 4: Salem

It may be August, but I am counting down the days to Halloween. We made a last-minute decision to take a day trip to Salem and enjoy some witchy atmosphere. Needless to say, I am ten times more desperate for Fall. We visited many shops, we recommend E32 and Modern Millie. If I were to ever dream up a curiosity shop, it would be Emporium 32. It was perfect. We also toured the house of seven gables, which we recommend. My favorite thing however was Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery! I desparately wish I could’ve taken photos, but sadly they are not allowed. I would recommend to any cinephiles and particularly horror fans. 


Level 5: Maximum Art Love

On our last day we visited the MFA. I personally love the Impressionists and they had a wonderful collection of pastels as well as amazing Impressionist and Expressionist pieces in their permanent collection. We also wandered through the Egyptian, Grecian, and Asian historical collections which were stunning. 


This was a wonderful vacation, and I want to thank Rach for being an awesome travel buddy. It is great to have friends that share your interests and are willing to have nerdy adventures with you. Here’s to many more! Have you been to Boston or Salem? What are your favorite places to visit? Please list your recommendations below because I will definitely be returning! 

Keep an eye out for our Nerdie Foodie post in Boston, and as always…

Nerd On!


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