Nerdstalgia: Disney’s The Sword in the Stone

We have fallen deep into the nostalgia hole. What better way to start the new year than to look back and remember the things that made us happy. Maybe if we remember what we enjoyed, it would help us recognize more things that will ignite our joy. We wanted to dedicate this week to underrated Disney animated films, or at least ones that don’t get as much attention as the Disney princesses.

sword in the stone

The Sword in the Stone

Roni’s View

Sword in the Stone arthur

Nothing beats a good Arthur story! I’m a sucker for the medieval tale of knights, magic, and being better than your circumstances. Disney’s take on Arthur is just that, a tale that focuses on knowledge over brawn, on expecting more of yourself than what your birth determines. I could go on and on about so many delightful aspects of this film from large themes to the small things, like Merlin’s beard causing trouble, Madame Mim’s delight in the horrid, and Arthur’s faces of awe. I’m going to focus on the one and only Archimedes. I think he totally steals the show!

Archimedes, the educated owl, is one of my favorite characters ever. He’s witty and cool, and deeply cares for Arthur though he pretends to be aloof. My favorite Archimedes scene has to be when he proves to be an even better teacher than Merlin! It is only right, he is an educated owl, after all.

Also, he has the most delightful laugh. How can you not love him?!

We don’t know what kind of take the Disney live-action Sword in the Stone will have, but if it’s anything like the original, I’ll be a happy girl!

Jam’s View

I always could relate to Arthur because he always was treated as the underdog. Despite all odds Arthur is the rightful heir to the throne. But I’m not here to talk about Arthur. I’m here to give props to Merlin. The part of the movie that has always stuck in my memory was the battle between Merlin and Mim. Merlin proved that size does not matter in a fight not just of magic, but also of wits. Mim transforms into a giant purple dragon, sure that she will defeat Merlin. All of a sudden, Merlin appears to be gone. She accuses him of breaking the rules and casting a disappearing spell. What does he do instead? Well, watch the clip below and see for yourself!

There have been other incarnations of Merlin and of Arthur’s story as a whole (the TV Show Merlin being my favorite!) but Disney’s version of The Sword in the Stone was the first I learned. With all the other live action Disney remakes, I can’t wait to see what is in store for The Sword in the Stone.

Jen’s View

I love history. So, the fact that Disney has made a movie about the legend of King Arthur and how he came to be King of England is just right up my alley! You get to meet familiar characters of Merlin and Arthur. Although, I swear Archimedes (the owl) has a soft spot for the Wart. My favourite song out of the entire movie is “That’s What Makes the World Go Round”. In the song, Merlin’s lesson is to try new things, set new goals, and that Love is the greatest force on Earth. I feel like with everything going on in the world right now, we need a whole lot of love. For my NC squad, we have to remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained. I love these ladies and I am so happy that we have all decided to take a chance and create this blog, this space to share our love of all things nerdy.

It’s important to never forget your inner child. You have to feed and nurture it. The most interesting adults I know, have a wonderful inner child. Expect more of yourself than your circumstances, nerds.

Nerd On!

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