Nerdstalgia: Disney’s Mighty Ducks

Quack, Quack, Quack, QUACK!

Who is ready for the Ducks? The Mighty, Mighty Ducks?? Let’s throw this back to 1992 and bring back the good old hockey game! And in this case, it just happens to be the Pee Wee League!

Jen’s View:

The Mighty Ducks is a great feel good movie about the underdogs! One of my favourite childhood movies from the 90s! Granted the actual NHL Anaheim Ducks team aren’t my team (no offense, Go Canucks!), but this Mighty Ducks team I can stand by. Gordon Bombay’s new Pee Wee hockey team, the Ducks (formerly District 5). Under Bombay’s coaching and guidance, these feisty kids learn how to skate and at the same time learn how to trust each other, respect one another, play fairly, and work as a team (boys and girls) together and playing to each others’ strengths.

Roni’s View

There was a vast number of kid sports movies in the 90’s from Sandlot, Little Giants, and of course The Mighty Ducks. I was a fan of all of these and more. Funnily enough, I’m not much into sports now, but I love a good sports movie. I genuinely thought all of the Mighty Duck sequels were good, they had heart, and it was a great cast.

Jams’ View

I’ll be honest here. I am not a sports fan. And as inspiring as many of them are, there are not a lot of sports movies that I’m actually interested in. Mighty Ducks, however, was was of those 90’s sports movies that I’ve seen multiple times and still love. There’s something about rooting for the underdog that really moves me. You always know that things are going to turn out alright; that the titular team is ultimately going to win in the end. But it’s not about that. It is about the journey to get there. That is all that matters. Against all odds, a team of misfits is formed and learn how to come together truly as a team.

The Mighty Ducks movie (and subsequent sequels) shows us that with the right kind of determination, hard work, and a bit of fun, the underdog team will somehow get us smiling and cheering for them to the very end, no matter what happens, all the hard work will pay off. But just remember to take a moment to smell the roses and live in that moment of time.

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