Nerdstalgia: Disney’s Mary Poppins

Have some more Disnerdstalgia this week, as we focus on classic live-action Disney movies from our childhoods. The Disney princesses always get a lot of love, but there is one lady who is practically perfect in every way.

Mary Poppins

Roni’s View

There are so many things to love about Mary Poppins. Her voice, her magic, her whimsy, her lessons, her adventures… Mary Poppins is a mysterious woman. How revolutionary is her character though? She’s a single woman in early 1900’s London who goes where she pleases, making people’s lives better and no interest in being tied down. She literally goes when the wind changes. Talk about the ultimate symbol for the sufragettes of that time period. This is the grown woman in me watching the film.

My inner child is all about her Hermione style, limitless bag, her magical pirouettes, and the treasure that is Julie Andrews. Can we all agree Julie needs to be protected? She’s an icon, and in turn has brought so many iconic characters to life. Mary would not have the sass if it wasn’t for Julie. Which brings me to what I want to focus on, Mary Poppin’s class of sassy facial expressions!

Exhibit A: mary poppins sass aI recommend looking in the mirror and perfecting this look.
Mary Poppins sass BC:

mary poppins exhibit cD:
mary poppins sass D

We may never have Mary Poppins’ level of sass skills, but we can aim for it.

Jen’s View

There are only 3 words: MUST. WATCH. Okay, that was only two words, but how can you pass up a movie that has two iconic actors: Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke? The answer is you can’t. When I think of Mary Poppins, all I need is a spoonful of sugar because it is makes cleaning up the room a breeze! Who wouldn’t like that??


Not only that, Mary Poppins is a fine nanny, she taught me how to pronounce Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. And what about backwards? Dociousaliexpiisticfragilcalirupus. A snap, right? Hehehe. If you practice this song over and over again, you’ll be able to pronounce it too!


How can you not smile and singalong to a song like these two? Actually, the entire movie soundtrack is just brilliant! And with that I give you the most famous British nanny in a nutshell, Mary Poppins.

Jams’ View

The scene that made the biggest impression on me was the sidewalk chalk. As a kid I always wished that I could jump into my sidewalk chalk creations. The part where Burt dances with the penguins was the best (only topped by the carousel horses).

Then there’s that ever so slight crush I had on Dick van Dyke…

And of course who could forget the beautiful song, Feed the Birds?

Was anyone else ever bothered by the copious amount of foundation that was completely the wrong shade for those poor children?

Makeup geek pet peeves aside, Mary Poppins was full of whimsy, color, song, and the beautiful Julie Andrews. I look forward to seeing the sequel so that we may continue to live in the magical world of Mary Poppins, but nothing can ever recapture the feeling I had when I first saw this movie as a child.


Mary Poppins is undoubtedly memorable in many ways, but perhaps the most important thing is to never lose sight of what really matters and always march to the beat of your own drum.

mary poppins sass

How do you feel about Mary Poppins?

Nerd on!

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