Nerdstalgia: Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective

One classic Disney movie that often gets overshadowed by the Princesses (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Disney Princesses! Make no mistake of that!) that I always loved was The Great Mouse Detective. This movie was based on the book series Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus drawing loosely from the story of Sherlock Holmes, except with mice.

Jam’s View

The Great Mouse Detective himself is a charming, witty mouse with an astute gift for deduction. Basil is accompanied by his partner, Dawson, who many times keeps Basil grounded. When Basil encounters the lost little girl mouse, Olivia, at first helping her to save her father is just a means to an end: finding Basil’s arch nemesis, Ratigan. My favorite scene in this film was the mousetrap scene. It was so fascinating to me.

And then there’s this classic number from the sultry tavern mouse voiced by Melissa Manchester. Let’s add this to the folder of things I didn’t get as a kid that I look back on now and go….oooooooh

Though The Great Mouse Detective may be darker than your average Disney film, in my opinion it is far more than an average Disney film. You can check it out on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and more!

Roni’s View

I’ve always enjoyed Sherlock Holmes like stories, and it may have started due to The Great Mouse Detective. I’m not sure, but this may very well be the case. Now, as a grown up, and knowing how much controversy and turmoil surrounded the production of this animated film, it is astounding to me that it was even made. Sure it may be a bit darker than some of the films kids see today, but the story is pretty good and it showcases quite an ambitious villain. I’m pretty sure when I first watched this as a small kid, I didn’t really get what was going on, but rewatching it got me thinking. Most Disney villains now-a-days have a main goal in mind. I’m pretty sure Ratigan had 10 going on at once. I may be exaggerating a bit, but seriously, there’s a lot going on. A hero is only as good as his villain, and Ratigan was quite the ambitious one. Also, Vincent Price is the best!

Jen’s View

I’ve heard of this movie as a kid but didn’t get a chance to see it until very recently. As I was watching this film, I realized right away that it was a mash up of different bits of pop culture that I recognized quite easily. Dr. Dawson’s middle initial is “Q” and has returned after his service in Afghanistan. “Q” you say? That is totally a James Bond Reference (granted Dr. Dawson doesn’t invent gadgets for 007). The Queen has a very similar look to Queen Victoria. Professor Ratigan and Fidget, a dead ringer for Anastasia’s Rasputin and Bartok. And finally, the biggest one of all, Sherlock Holmes! I absolutely loved it! Olivia was just completely adorable! It’s refreshing to watch a Disney movie that does not have a princess in the story line. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and hope that the next generation will get a thrill by watching this adventure as well.

So, if you love action, mystery, suspense, and talking mice then I highly recommend watching (and re-watching!) The Great Mouse Detective! What were your favorite moments?

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