Nerdspiration: Nerd Hobbies Can Drive Life Skills

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Nerdspiration: Nerd Hobbies Can Drive Life Skills

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for nerds to let their nerd flags fly high. People not only enjoy indulging in nerdy pastimes, but they are also unashamed to admit it. Being a nerd is not just widely accepted, it is celebrated!


It is important to note that some hobbies can come with a unique set of risks that newcomers may not be familiar with. For example, video games are designed to be enjoyable and entertaining. But many games, such as MMOs, may also include potentially harmful addictive features inspired by the gambling industry. Those new to the world of online gaming should be made aware of the risks to avoid the traps that developers implement in the games. 


Additionally, the nerd lifestyle can still suffer from a poor reputation in mainstream media. Indeed, while nerds are recognized for their passion, the media fail to identify the essential skills that people develop thanks to their passions. Whether you are a crochet master or a semi-professional gamer, the term nerd can still carry negative connotations by those who are unfamiliar with the culture. 

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Nerds are individuals who are passionate about and committed to improving their hobbies. This passion, as it happens, also brings unique skills that not only empower, but also elevate the nerd lifestyle. In many ways, being a nerd can significantly improve your social,  mental, and even physical abilities. 

Even E-Sport Experts Have Physical Workouts

The majority of professional gamers maintain their physical condition through regular training. It turns out that hitting the gym regularly also improves their mental focus, reaction time, and strategic thinking. So in thinking about this, it makes perfect sense to include a gym routine into your nerdy lifestyle. The kind of gym routine you choose will depend on your preferences and your hobby. If you are worried about your posture and muscle strength for a hobby such as gardening or beekeeping, strength training such as barbell rows can improve your posture and add mental clarity. On the other hand, if you prefer cardio, a run circuit can also increase mental clarity and core strength for indulging in long crafting sessions. 

Needless to say, maintaining a fitness routine doesn’t only benefit your hobby. It can also impact positively on your mental and physical health. 

Nerdy Hobbyists Have Great Communication Skills

We owe it to gamers to show that nerds can work effectively and successfully in a team. Many gamers rely on a variety of communication platforms, such as the chat function or video calls, to organize their team during a game. With public platforms, gamers tend to play with people from all over the world, and yet they still manage to establish a strategy. The same principle applies to other hobbies. Crochet enthusiasts, for example, worked together to transform an entire town through their art. Graffiti artists can create breathtakingly intricate murals by combining skills and forces. The bottom line: Communication is a crucial part of their success. More importantly, many admit that it’s because they are motivated to achieve a positive result that they can communicate clearly and rapidly with each other. 

In conclusion, enjoying nerd hobbies does not always lead to poor fitness and social skills as was once the norm. On the contrary, a little nerdiness in life can often boost these skills. What nerdy hobbies do you love and how have they bettered you in life? We’d love to know!


Stay Nerdy!

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