Nerds ‘R Us: Actor Vik Sahay (A Written Interview Read by Us)

In this written edition of Nerds R Us, I got to interview one of my favorite actors Vik Sahay. You may know him best as the creepy Nerd Herder with the pipes of an angel, Lester Patel, on NBC’s Chuck. Vik has had various other roles in X-Files, Bones, My Awkward Sexual Adventure, Wer, and Good Will Hunting just to name a few!

Nerds R Us Vik Sahay

I’m so sorry

I was so excited when I found out via Vik’s Twitter account that he is going to be in the next season of Lucifer. Luckily, I had just gotten done bingeing the entire first season (If you haven’t seen it all, every episode is up on Hulu!). We at NC were lucky enough that Vik was able to take some time to answer some of our questions related to Lucifer, as well as a few other queries.

Nerds R Us Vik Sahay

Interview with Vik Sahay

Jaime: First off I wanted to say thank you, Vik, for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us for Nerds R Us.

Vik: “Very happy to do a little chit-chatting with you, any time.”

I was very excited when I found out you were going to be in the new season of Lucifer because A) I’m excited about all of your roles B) I love Lucifer! (I just finished binge watching Season 1). Can you tell us anything about the character you are going to be playing?

Vik: “My character…cannot say much…so, let’s say…there’s a cave of something buried deep inside him that is incredibly pure and sensitive, and it sees the broken integrity, poisoned intentions, defiled cities and landscapes. And it kills him, and he doesn’t know how to bring himself to the light, to transforming things, making them better.” (I am so intrigued, I can’t wait to see this character!)

What was it like working with Tom Ellis? He seems like one super charming dude.

Vik: “Yes, Tom is a charmer. Without a doubt. Dare I say, devilishly so.” (Oooh, I see what you did there!) “But he’s also a fine actor. When we were shooting the climactic scene of the episode, he entered with that style and swagger, but also felt compelled to drop in to the raw intensity that was cooking between Robin Givens and myself, and was an artist entering the ring with his acting partners. A pleasure.” (I am anxious to see the character dynamics)

Did you watch the show before knowing that you were going to be a part of it?

Vik: “I had heard good things of the show, but, no, had not caught an episode yet. I watched some before heading to Vancouver to know what I was leaping into.”

What about the role made you want to be a part of Lucifer?

Vik: “I was given merely a snippet of the script, a scene with my character. And I could feeeeel something of it stir in me. Plus, on a lesser note, I love going on location to shoot. The more isolated the better. I love training and learning new things for a role. Sacrificing. And I am on the eternal quest for great material.”

What is your dream role or what has been your dream role if you’ve already acted it?

Vik: “As an extension of what I just said, my dream role would probably find me in the middle of the Serengeti, playing a man who disappeared and has been found living amongst a pride of lions. Half man half lion. Or a variation thereof. Basically, I like to take it all the way. For beauty. For art. And oddly, right now I’m slightly obsessed with wildlife.” (I will pay good money to see that movie)

Do you have a particular Shakespearean piece or other literary piece that you find relevant to your life ie. Is there a particular piece that speaks to you personally?

Vik: “So many. So many. I devour novels. Very tough to narrow down to a single piece. I am that guy who mutters Shakespeare to himself on the way to the movies, the parking garage, the taco stand (of course, I live in LA!). Often, Prince Henry: Do not think so; you shall not find it so from Henry IV Part 1. That one really gets me going.” (*sigh* How I miss Shakespeare Sundays…)

Do you have any future roles coming up that you’d like to clue us in on?

Vik: “Don’t wanna talk about too many upcoming things, but I’m developing a piece with a great writer where I will play a lovelorn paramedic who is addicted to donating blood…stay tuned!”

That sounds compelling yet slightly terrifying! I shall keep an eye out for that one.

Though we couldn’t get Vik on the show (for now!) we decided to do the podcast as usual and read through the questions and answers, as well as the usual shenanigans we at NC are known for on Nerds R Us. Enjoy!

Also, if anyone is curious about that dance we mentioned, just gaze upon this glorious gif:


I wonder if Yvonne even realizes what she created

In Conclusion

I had a great time interviewing Vik. Vik Sahay is such a sophisticated, thoughtful individual who is very caring of his fans. Whenever we find out what that future role is that we heard a tantalizing snippet about, I hope we can sit down to have another discussion. If you have not watched Lucifer, you can watch it on Hulu. The new season premieres September 19th on Fox. Be sure to follow Vik on Twitter, Instagram, and give him a “Like” on Facebook.

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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