Nerds ‘R Us: Veronica “Roni” Sepulveda

It was so much fun interviewing our nerdastical Captain, the lovely Miss Roni. We chat with her about being fruits, what constitutes her perfect day, and the question on everyone’s mind… whether she is on #TeamIronMan or #TeamCap??? <insert dramatic sound clip here> It may get a little guttery and a little twisty… So it’s pretty much just another typical Nerds R Us.

Special thanks to our dear friends: the Foxy, Laura, and Sandrene for submitting questions on Le Twitter.

Nerds R Us 1:29 – Veronica “Roni” Sepulveda

Tune in next week, you just never know who we’ll be talking to! And don’t forget to subscribe 😉

Nerd on,

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