Nerds ‘R Us: True Meaning of Xmas

Happy Holidays to all of you darling nerds! It is Christmas eve eve and we are talking about what the meaning of holiday to us.

Though I tend to be a bit grinchy, personally, I have quite a few warm and fuzzy feelings that stir this time of year. I have quite a bit to be thankful for this holiday though it’s been a tough one.


BTW, I have no idea who created this GIF, but I love you!

On another note…I just listened to our conversation and we clearly have our priorities straight because we spend the first 4 minutes objectifying Hiddles. Sorry Tom. #EqualObjectification

Also…we sound very tired. zzzzzz

Please share with us what the Xmas and the holiday season means to you? What makes you warm and fuzzy?

Nerd On!
~ R


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