Nerds ‘R Us: The Nerdlywed Edition

I WAS SO UPSET TO HAVE MISSED OUT ON THIS!!! (We missed you too, Roni!)

For this week’s Nerds ‘R Us, we bring you the adorableness that is own lovely Jams and her “floating head-half,” Rich as well as the wonderful, beautiful souls that are Angie & Brandon McCarver!

We chat about how they met each other, the best advice they have on relationships, and their favourite ships! And we test their knowledge of each other in a game we have cleverly titled, The Nerdlywed Game. It is great to just hear the love these nerdy couples have for each other and our nerdy passion NerdHQ!

Big thank you to Angie and Brandon for joining us on our podcast non-podcast. They are just the sweetest nerd couple and we are so grateful to them for taking the time to spend with us. Cue the warm and fuzzies.

Love On & Nerd On!!
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