Nerds ‘R Us: The Nerdity Quotient Test

I’ve always been fascinated by people. What made them tick? What were their motivations? What made them uniquely them? So in our quest to get to know our fellow nerds and nerdettes better, we put together a survey, which I’ve not so cleverly called, The Nerdity Quotient Test. Of course, we realized it wouldn’t be fair to subject others to our super fun test if we didn’t answer these skill testing questions ourselves. So here are the results from the NC Crew!

1. Zachary Levi defines “nerd” as someone “whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person, without fear of other people’s judgement”. What is your definition of “nerd”?

Roni: I’ve come to appreciate and fully embrace my inner nerd as I’ve gotten older, and it truly is just how you love something. Many fellow nerds, like Zac and Wil Wheaton, have defined what being a nerd is, and I agree. It’s just having such a strong affinity for something that you’ll go above and beyond to understand it to the fullest and be a part of it.

Jams: I definitely agree with Zac’s definition, but to elaborate upon it a little more a nerd becomes very attached to the things that he or she is nerdy about. It can be almost on an obsessive level sometimes and non-nerds might not understand it; in fact they might even say you’re a little weird or quirky for it, but nonetheless you embrace that thing that you love unabashedly and pay no mind to the less than enthusiastic responses you may get from those around you. I guess that’s pretty much what Zac said, but in Jaime words.

Rach: NERD – Not Even Remotely Dorky 😉 I think being a nerd is simply someone who embraces the things/moments that brings them joy fully.

Jen: I agree with Zac Levi’s definition and that it’s you being in your happy place. Whatever it is that makes you happy and gives you pure joy, whether it is playing music, dancing, trivia, martial arts, reading books etc. that to me is the definition of being nerdy.

2. What’s the one quality you like most about yourself? What’s the one quality you would like to improve?

Roni: Quality I like – Hmmm, that’s tough. I guess I kind of like that I’m inquisitive. I find people particularly interesting and like to know what makes them tick. Guess you can say, I’m curious. (See what I did there? *cough cough*). Quality I’d like to improve – I hope I can embrace compliments more. I’ve gotten better at it, but it’s still really difficult to not be overly critical about yourself or the things you do.

Jams: One quality I like most about myself is my creative side. I see these things in my head and somehow figure out a way to create them. I get into these projects sometimes and they almost consume me. I think time management may be the thing that I would like to improve. I definitely feel as though there are not enough hours in a day to get things done, but perhaps I could spend less of that time on YouTube.

Rach: Quality I like –  I’m a fairly happy-go-lucky person. Quality I’d like to improve – I’m a huge procrastinator. I need to fix that. Tomorrow.

Jen: One quality that I like about myself is that I am creative and I love to be creative and have an outlet to do crafty things. One quality that I would like to improve is to be able to say no when I’m already doing a million and one things. Yet I don’t want to be viewed as someone who does not care when I say no.

3. If you could vacation in any fantasy literary/television/film realm, where would you visit?

Roni: I would go to friggin Hogwarts! No joke! I’d love to roam around the castle and the grounds! It would be great fun! I’d also love to roam the TARDIS! That would take forever though! I really want to see the Doctor’s library!

Jams: Boy, that’s hard! A lot of dangerous things happen in these places! If I had to choose one though….I would probably have to say Narnia. Even before the movies came out I pictured it exactly as it appears in the movies and it just seems like such a wonderful, whimsical place to be. Yes, Narnia.

Rach: The Pokémon universe. I feel like I don’t think I need to explain this. Or else I want to be a student in The Frizz’s class.

Jen: I would totally have a vacation in Castle’s pad in New York. That kitchen! I just want to bake everything in that kitchen! Can his apartment be available on Airbnb?

4. What would you title your autobiography?

Roni: Taking the Long Way

Jams: Why Is She Doing That???

Rach: Life Five Feet Off The Ground

Jen: Finding My Way Through Life and Happiness One Cookie and Cupcake at a Time

5. If you were gifted with a personal TARDIS, what point in time would you travel to first?

Roni: Ooooo first, I’d probably want to see my mom when she was younger maybe, just on an ordinary day. It’s cheesy, I know, but I think it would be sweet.

Jams: There are certain events in my life I wish I could erase from existence, but then I wonder if I did that how it would change the outcome of my life as it is now. Honestly I would not want to take that chance. I would also be afraid to go to the future because what if I don’t like the future so all of my choices in the present are now affected by that possible outcome? So I guess I’d really like to stay in the present but travel to different places such as Houston or Vancouver!

Rach: 1920’s in NYC. They called it the “Roaring ‘20’s” for a reason.

Jen: 1980’s. I want to learn how to cook French cuisine from Julia Child directly from her TV show!

6. What is your favourite made up word?

Roni: There’s loads, but it’s really late and the only thing I can think of at the moment is designical. A friend of mine made it up to describe something that was designed properly. Spread the word.

Jams: MARGENFARGENBARG! (I say this when I get frustrated and don’t want to swear).

Rach: Adorkable is quite high on my list of favourites, but I do love fangoriously. Everyone is different 😉

Jen: Assplosion (Thank you, autocorrect)

7. If you could give your ten year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Roni: To not be so scared of making a wrong decision, and take more chances. I should’ve listened to Ms. Frizzle!

Jams: Stop listening to what everyone else has to say about you. You might not believe it right now but someday you will have an awesome husband, a beautiful daughter, and friends from all over the world. Don’t let people who are more popular than you try to tell you you’re ugly and stupid because you’re not. You are a better person than them and you will accomplish more than they ever do.

Rach: You control your own happiness.

Jen: Do whatever you want to do that makes you happy and keeps you happy. In other words, keep dancing and keep loving food. And try not to hold a grudge for too long (that whole forgive and forget thing).

8. What is your real life superpower?

Roni: I’d like to think my intuition is pretty good. I feel pretty comfortable following my gut most of the time.

Jams: The power to put up with stupid people! The power to perform just about any task put in front of me or at least give it a good try.

Rach: Sarcasm. I’m also good at making situations more awkward than they need to be.

Jen: Baking (if you couldn’t tell by these answers, I don’t know how to make it more obvious).

9. Aside from your parents, who influenced you the most in your formative years?

Roni: In my nerdy nature, TV I suppose. Generally, I had a lot of very strong influential teachers and school counselors. They helped me get into better schools and really helped me chase my artsy side. I was really lucky growing up. I had one particular guidance counselor in elementary school that really made me feel like I was her project. She helped me get into an arts middle school and helped me fill out my applications and advised my essays. It is common knowledge educators don’t make or are acknowledged as much as they should for all they do.

Jams: My big brother, actually both of my big brothers. Nerdiness is kind of a family affair. My oldest brother had comic books and action figures, my other big brother was my influence in music and art, and we all loved playing video games. There’s a big age gap between my brothers and I but somehow we found a way to bridge this gap through our love of nerdiness and the arts.

Rach: My grandparents. My grandfather in particular. He’s the smartest person I will ever know.

Jen: The Magic School Bus, Berenstain Bears books, Arthur, Disney.

10. How do you want to be remembered?

Roni: Hmm, like I did it my way, and my way, though different, was a pretty awesome and accomplished life. I don’t need a monument or anything lol, I just want people to look back and smile. That would be enough. I know not everyone will, but those that matter most to me, the ones that never gave up on me. I hope they do.

Jams: I want to be remembered as that chick who’s a little weird but also talented and caring. I want to be remembered as a good wife, mom, and friend to those around me.

Rach: The short Asian chick that made people laugh with her weirdness.

Jen: Someone who cared and loved everyone in my life and had a positive impact to each individual that I’ve encountered.

So now you know a little more about us! We’ll be gathering answers from some of our favourite nerds and featuring them here in this segment of our blog. Stay tuned 🙂

Know a cool nerd? Send us an email at [email protected] and we may feature them on our blog!

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