Nerds ‘R Us: Story Time with Michelle!

Welcome nerds to a special edition of Nerds ‘R Us we are lovingly referring to as ‘Story Time with Michelle’! Some of you may know Michelle from NerdyGras, a lovely nerd-centric website she runs with her brother and friends! You may also remember her from our Nerdy Nola post…

Michelle is a sweetheart, one of the best people you’ll ever meet! You’ll realize this after hearing her interview. Not only is she lovely, but she is super funny! She indulged us by telling us about her Zac encounters. They are so much fun! Speaking of…we will include pics during the video of to really bring the stories to life!

We encourage you follow this adorable gal here, here and here.

We love our ‘Chelle!!!

Nerd On!
Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.18 PM

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