Nerds R Us: Shannon & Noemi (VanCAF)

For those of you who are not familiar with VanCAF, it is the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival which celebrated its fifth anniversary this past weekend. The organizing committee led by magical space weasel, Shannon Campbell (@wordweasel), did a phenomenal job with the event. As first time attendees, we were absolutely blown away by all of the talented artists!

Shannon and the VanCAF team have created a niche for local artists to showcase their original work. What is unique about this event is the fact that all of the art is curated. From cute and kawaii to gothic horror, from unexpected superheros to mythical creatures, there was something for every kind of comic nerd.

Shannon Campbell

Rach and Jen with the awesome, Shannon!

In our conversation with Shannon, we talk how VanCAF was born, Zootopia, her mad double dactyl skills, Zootopia, the Vancouver Song, and did we mention Zootopia???

Noémi Pomerleau

Rach and Jen with the wonderful, Noemi!

We were also able to chat with volunteer wrangler and spreadsheet maven, Noémi (@NoemiPOM). We talked about how she got roped into the world of VanCAF and discussed the interactive gaming app, ConQuest by Silverstring Media, which was a fun new addition to the VanCAF experience.

Please enjoy our conversation with Shannon and Noemi. We had a lovely time chatting with these fabulous ladies and we can’t wait to come back again next year! For more info on VanCAF check out their website here!

Disclaimer: please forgive the occasional shrieking child and random siren as we recorded these outside in the beautiful Vancouver sunshine.

‘Til next time,

Jen & Rach

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