Nerds R Us: Post SDCC and Nerd HQ

Welcome to a brand new season of Nerds R Us! Woo! We are so excited for all the nerdtastical things that we have in store for you! For our premiere episode of our second season, we wanted to share our thoughts, experiences, and advice following our trip to California with a recap of our adventures at SDCC, Nerd HQ, and Disneyland!

SDCC & NerdHQ Roundtable

We want to thank you, the NC family, for all of your love and support you’ve shown us. It means so much to all of us that we get to put all this content out there into the universe and have all of you showering us with love and appreciation. Our mini vacation was nice, but we are incredibly blessed and happy to be back!

Stay nerdy, my friends!


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