Nerds R Us: Nerd HQ Looking Back

Whether you are an SDCC attendee, a Chuck fan, or a supporter of Operation Smile, chances are you’ve heard of Nerd HQ. But in case you’re not up to speed, Nerd HQ is a free off-site event that takes place during Comic Con in San Diego every July. Or at least it has for several years now.

This past week the nerd community listened to the heartfelt announcement from Zachary Levi. The last time we had a video announcement regarding Nerd HQ from Nerd 001, it was his plea for our donations to help Nerd HQ happen in 2014, the year we all met. This year’s announcement was that Nerd HQ would not be happening (at least not in the same capacity as years past). If you’re unfamiliar with Nerd HQ, it was a unique off-site event for the nerds. You could chill out in the lounge chairs, you could grab a drink or a box of cereal, you could charge your phone, or you could monopolize the photo booth with all your nerd friends!

There were panels from so many amazing celebrities and “Smiles for Smiles” which was an opportunity for fans to have their picture taken with a celebrity at the Smiles booth. The money that nerds donated to attend these panels and take those Smiles photos was 100% donated to Operation Smile. Every year the nerds helped Zac raise several thousands of dollars for the charity.

So you can see why the recent news from Zac shook us all to the core. The tradition that we at NC have shared for the past three years was not going to happen. But when you think about what Nerd HQ is actually about, that’s not really true at all. It’s always been about us all getting together, sharing memories, and every year adding new members to our nerd family. The celebrity photos and panels and donating to charity was just like a bonus.

So if you have any doubts about making the trip to San Diego this July simply because “Nerd HQ isn’t happening” I urge you to reconsider. We decided to record a Nerds R Us episode looking back on some of our fondest Nerd HQ Memories, and our reactions to the news when we found out.

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