Nerds R’ Us with The Muppet & The Fox Part Three

Join us as we make ourselves at home with The Muppet and The Fox’s podcast.

nerdsrus 062116It’s a warm and happy place, and we encourage everyone to visit! After having Karebear and Foxy on Nerds R’ Us, we decided to move Part 3 of our conversation to their neck of the woods. Packed with many more questions from the awesome, 3D Printer Nerd, we had another randomly fun discussion. From sandwiches to pillows, we covered many topics!

We always consider ourselves lucky to be surrounded by such positive and talented people. These two lovely ladies are no exception, and we hope you will give them all the likes and follows they deserve. And if you would be so kind, show us NC ladies a bit of love as well. 😉

Sound the royal trumpets!

Without further ado…

You can catch our previous two discussions here and here!

Nerd On!
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