Nerds R Us: Ming Chen Houston Comicpalooza 2016

After a tough week of news and sorrow, we had the pleasure to talk with the great Ming Chen this week.

Ming was gracious enough to indulge our Comic Book Men queries and nerdy indulgences. He was a blast and we hope everyone enjoys our talk with him!

Our Non-Podcast-Podcast, Nerds R Us with Ming Chen

Comicpalooza is this weekend in Houston, TX! Make sure you stop by Ming’s booth at Comicpalooza for high-fives and hugs. Also, check out Podcasting 104: The Business of Podcasting panel, Saturday at 4 pm. This podcasting panel is designed to answer all of your questions on how to take your podcast to the next level with advertising, sponsorships, and even how to turn your podcast into a career. Learn from podcasters that have years of experience. Podcasts include I Sell Comics! With Ming Chen, Metal Geeks Podcast, Nerd Fu, Comical Podcast, and Reality Check with Craig Price. Panelists: Ming Chen, Cary Gordon, Dave Armour, Craig Price, Justin Corbett, Miguel Garza, The Nerd Fu (Chris Sully and Steve Araujo).

There are many podcast panels and live podcasts scheduled throughout the weekend worth checking out, including Women of Podcasting on Friday, Comical Podcast Live and Metal Geeks Live on Sunday and more.  If you’re in Houston or are a drive away, please join us for a great convention.

Thank you again to Ming! You’re a true staple in the nerd community and your positivity and helpful, generosity are examples of what make nerds great. It’s a great time to be alive nerds. Hold what you love close.

Nerd On!
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