Nerds ‘R Us: Mark Christopher Lawrence

Salutations, Nerds!

On this week’s Nerds ‘R Us, our special guest is comedian and actor, Mark Christopher Lawrence.

nerds r us mark christopher lawrence

Jams got in touch with Mark and we are so grateful that he took time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. Once we had our minor technical issues sorted out, we had a fabulous time talking about his passion for philanthropy including his work with Act Today, upcoming comedy shows, and Subway sandwiches 😉 Plus, as always, we threw in some queries from our NC questionnaire (Mark’s answer to his real-life superpower melted our hearts). So sit back and enjoy!

Nerds R Us MCL

Jams meeting Mark in 2014

Mark Christopher Lawrence

You can follow Mark @MarkChrLawrence and find out more on his website:

‘Til next time,
Rach & Jams
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