Nerds R Us: Linda Seger & Comicpalooza

I had the pleasure of speaking with entrepreneur and script consultant, Linda Seger. She will be a part of the Comicpalooza panelĀ “Claim Your Fame, the Emerging SHero Mentor for Females Around The World” this weekend. I highly recommend you attend this panel as it is sure to be informative.

She was kind enough to tell me about her back story and how she started script consulting, her path to entrepreurship and the role women play in film and television. She is quite captivating and inspiring. I found myself wanting to speak with her for hours. I hope you enjoy our chat and find inspiration and motivation as well. If you are an aspiring screenwriter or if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this conversation is for you.

Nerds R Us: Linda Seger

This is Linda’s first time at a nerdy convention, so let’s make the best impression we can make, nerds. Let’s have some smart questions.

Comicpalooza is this weekend, make sure you get your tickets and come join all the nerdy fun at the George R. Brown convention center in downtown Houston. Follow us on FB and Twitter and make sure to download the Comicpalooza app for an updated schedule and maps of the convention.

Nerd On!
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