Nerds ‘R Us: Less Than Super with Sandrene & Alan

Continuing our “collaboration” themed week, we had the fantastic Sandrene¬†Matthews (executive producer, writer & actor) and Alan Brazzell (director) join us on Nerds R Us and talk about Less Than Super! If you haven’t heard about Less Than Super, then you will shortly be aware and will be anticipating its completion as we are!

As we mentioned earlier this week, we really wanted to showcase how collaborations really can make projects different and most times better. These two fine humans truly showcase how their views take Less Than Super to the next level.

We hope you enjoy our chat with them! You can find more information on Sandrene and her other projects, here, here and here. You can also listen to our previous convo with her. You can find more about Alan and his talents here, here and here. And finally, you can find all about Less Than Super here, here and here!

Nerd On!
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