Nerds ‘R Us: Laura Davis

Teachers are incredibly important, they help shape us and how we view the world and ourselves. I myself have many fond and not so fond memories of many educators. I’ve recognized that whether they are positive or negative, they were influential people and moments. Laura is a dear friend and a fellow passionate nerd. I’ve seen her share photos of how she integrates her nerdy nature into her classroom environment and lessons. This really made me want to find out more.I was sad I wasn’t able to join the girls in the interview, but I’m still getting over a wicked cough. I didn’t think you guys would appreciate hearing that.

Take a listen to the inspiring nerdery and send an old teacher a shout out! I’m sure they’d appreciate it! To most of my teachers and professors, thanks for being born for the job, for caring and believing in me; thanks for being examples of not doing a job just for a paycheck. <3


We love you Laura, and thanks for doing what you do!

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