Nerds ‘R Us: Jaime “Jams” Whittaker

It has been 27 Nerds ‘R Us non-podcast-podcasts and 8 months since our interview with Show and Talk’s lovely Sandrene. When we first thought up Nerds ‘R Us, it was supposed to be a brief write-up and photo, offering a peak into an everyday nerd’s life. The idea quickly changed when Jams had the opportunity to interview Nick and realized it was going to take a long time to transcribe their conversation. Our non-podcast-podcast was born! It will continue to evolve and we are excited for the future!

JamsWe’re now in our second round of non-rapidfire-rapidfire questionnaire, and decided to interview our team to check in on each other. We sat down and had “The Floating Male Head,” aka Jaime’s husband, pull our names out of a hat to determine our interview order. Jaime was lucky number one!

I’m very fortunate to have such a lovely team of ladies making NC what it is. Jams is our heart. She’s dedicated and always gives 100% of herself and time. She’s our cosplaying, crafty, musical, video gaming, toy reviewing hot mama! She’s a treasure and you should all follow her personal twitter and follow her contributions to NC and The Nerd Machine about many topics! Also, don’t forget to catch her and her nerdling, Aylah on Nerdy Kidz Corner!

On a personal note… Jams, thank you for believing in me and for keeping me motivated when I feel like giving up. I recognize not everyone is lucky enough to have someone like you in their lives. Love you! ~Roni

I agree with Roni, you are amazing! I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished so far since I have met you. Knowing y’all has made my life that much more rich, fun and adventurous! Love you! ~Jen

Intelligent, kind, and epically awesome all rolled up into one hot momma package 😉 We’re keeping you, Jaime Jams *muah* ~Rach

We love you Jams and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you and our team!

Nerd On!
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