Nerds ‘R Us: Where We Haunt Your Dreams

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Welcome, dearest victims nerds to the final week of October. What does that mean? Well, Halloween approaches and this week has been our scariest theme yet. It was only appropriate our Nerds ‘R Us would match.¬†Grab a blanket, turn out the lights, maybe a cuddle partner, and enjoy our scary tales and we haunt your dreams!

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Haunted Tales

Beginning with Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, Jenine reads it to us to set the mood.
Jams tells us about her dad’s experience at his military base when he was younger.
Roni tells us a devilish Mexican folktale from her childhood.
Rach shares a ghost story from her high school.
Jen shares a ghost story about an old hospital where she worked.
Roni shares the story of Ghost Handprints, an old Texas ghost story, which can be found here.
Jams ends our storytelling with her and the male floating head’s (Rich) ghost hunting adventure with a creepy EVP!

If anyone knows Jen and how much she hates scary stuff, we want to let you know, she survived.

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We hope you enjoy!

Scream On!
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