Nerds ‘R Us: Halloween 2017 Special


It is upon us, Halloween. We hope your plans include more sweets than you can bear, and of course goose bumps galore. In fact, we want to contribute to your goosebumps with some local ghost stories.


As mentioned in the non-podcast-podcast, please go here for more ghost stories from Texas! An excellent resource for spooky things and more.

If you’re interested in reading “A Lady in the Lake” by George Christian Ortloff read the book and decide for yourself (available at the Lake Placid public library and Amazon)

Also, you can read about the most recent sighting of the Lady in Red here and check out Jennie’s personal hotel guestbook entry. Want to meet the Lady in Red herself? Stay at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver the next time you’re in town.

We would love to hear some of your spooky tales and local folklore. Tell us in the comments below, or on any social medias with the hashtag #NerdsRUsHalloween Also, don’t forget to join our giveaway where you can have a Stephen King Halloween with a Pennywise and Jack FunkoPop Chases.

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