Nerds R Us: The Fox and The Karen (Part 1)

Greetings, Nerds! Welcome to another Nerds ‘R Us! We had the pleasure of chatting with return guests, Karen and Shannon (The Fox). Because we had not one but two badass ladies, this won’t be just a regular podcast. Nope, this will be a podcast of epic proportions. So get ready for… *drum roll please* NERDYVIEWS, THE FOX AND THE KAREN, NERDS OF THE ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION!!! *ooohhh aaahhh*

We had planned on uploading an edited version of our lively talk (it was a dinner and drinks night with the NC ladies), but we thought you would all enjoy the complete and fabulous randomness that is us (and if you don’t, well tough, go eat a banana instead). Oh and did we mention that we had a special appearance by Chris (aka The Fox’s hubby, aka Dem Legs)? Have we got your attention now?

The Fox and The Karen

nerds r us karen banana

You can find Miss Karen @VictoriaNoir89 and Miss Shannon @shannonfox

‘Til next time, stay nerdy!

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