Nerds R Us: Elhoffer Design

Curious Crowd, welcome back to another episode of the non-podcast podcast, Nerds R Us! This week’s special guest is none other than the talented and kindred spirit, Catherine Elhoffer, from Elhoffer Design to kick off Year 3! We are so thankful (and lucky) that Catherine was able to squeeze us into her super busy schedule as she preps for SDCC and moving into her brand-new studio! A fashion designer specializing in chic geekery wear that’s great for the every day wardrobe and even as cosplay, here are just a few examples of her designs.  Side note: yes, they’re super comfy (Rach can attest to this) and they’re built for ladies (and men) of all shapes and sizes. Booya!

Check out the podcast below where we are basically just fangirling over Catherine and maybe we’ll see you Starpuffers out there!


Til next time,

Stay nerdalicious!

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